Responsive Website Design

Whilst you will be able to view our websites in desktop-mode on any device, we can also create a tailored experience to ensure the website looks great, is user-friendly and works smoothly on all internet devices, regardless of size or orientation.

The layout will adapt to all tablets and mobiles phones, devices which are being increasing used to access the internet rather the traditional desktop/laptop computer. For this reason we highly recommend a responsive website design.

For example, usually a smartphone would display the regular desktop view of a website, but a responsive design will automatically detect a smaller device and display a customized layout.

This maximises user-friendliness and speeds up page load times, resulting in a clean, fast web browsing experience.

Typically for a smartphone, content would be re-arranged into a single, longer column with a re-sized header, optimised menu, smaller images, and re-formatted content.

Responsive Website Design Image