This is a short overview of the elements of work which make up the total cost of your website; the details will vary from project to project and therefore there are no set prices. Please contact me with information about your website project for an prelimary quote.

Design and build

This is the setup of the website and includes:

  • an initial consultation to determine the website specification and price, plus the meetings required during the build process to confirm the design direction;
  • the actual design and build of the website;
  • setting up the hosting.
  • help with domain purchasing if required

Annual support

The basic annual support and maintenance fee includes:

  • telephone and email support – I will always be available to help with technical issues;
  • software updates (eg. cms, theme, plugins, server);

Content updates

Depending on the nature of your website, the content may never need to be updated, may need to be updated occasionally, or may need regular updates (weekly, daily etc).

I can update your website content for you, the cost of which will depend on the quantity and type of updates that you require.

If you wish to update the website yourself I can provide a range of user guides (free) and online training (charged per hour). The content management system (CMS) will be tailored for your needs to ensure it is as user-friendly as possible.

Website features to consider

Take a look at some popular additional features in the table below.  These can be included during the initial website build or at a later date.

Website Analytics (GA)
Search Engine Optimization
Customized Email Setup
Mail list sign-up and automated newsletter

Please feel free to contact me for clarification or for further information.