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A modern, affordable website solution for parish councils

Hi there, if you are a local council looking for an new website, or maybe an update to an existing one, you’ve come to the right place! I have worked with many local councils and I can put you in contact with them if you wish to learn more about their experience of working with me.

I can probably help you to update an existing website if this is your preference. If you require a new website for your Parish Council, I have created a comprehensive website solution for parish councils that is modern, affordable, optimized for use on mobile smart phones and very user-friendly.  It is designed for easy use by your website visitors and also for easy administration of the website back-end for managing the page content. It also has many other great features to help parish councils create an online-hub for their local community.

parish council website designer

To see some examples of parish councils using my website solution, please follow these links:

Since 1st July 2015, parish councils are required to provide online access to council information under the government’s new Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.

This is an ideal time to create a parish website, especially one which is user-friendly on mobile devices and emphasizes accessibility as a key design feature. I have created a modern website design tailor-made for parish councils that is able to:

  • allow compliance with the Transparency Code requirements for online publishing;
  • easily be updated by the parish council website administrator;
  • adapt to work on all devices, including mobile phones, to ensure maximum accessibility to the website content.
  • provide a great community resource and act as an online hub for all parish related matters, providing local news, calendars of upcoming parish events, photo galleries and more.

All of the images and content are unique to each parish, plus the home page, colour scheme, fonts and certain elements of the design framework can all be customized if desired, creating a unique website for your parish council.

parish council website designer
With parish council budgetary constraints in mind I have set a low-cost price structure to provide an excellent value-for-money package.  In addition parish councils are able to apply for government funding to help setup and maintain a parish website, and also for the purchase of any necessary equipment (laptop, scanner etc). Funding application forms can be downloaded from the regional Association of Local Councils website, filled in with details of the requirements and costs and then returned to them. I can provide more information about this if required.

Step-by-step user guides are provided for the website administrators.  This will show you how to use the administrative area of the website to ensure you can modify the website content easily.  Subjects that are covered include:

  • editing text;
  • adding links;
  • uploading, organizing and displaying files;
  • changing parish council member profile information;
  • using the events calendar to display parish events;
  • writing blog posts to display the latest news.

Maintaining the website is critical and providing support for my clients is of great importance to me. For a small annual fee I maintain your parish council website by testing and applying website updates and monitoring and improving your website security. This will ensure your website is fast, secure and reliable. Additionally I will always be available and willing to help with any technical issues you encounter to ensure the smooth operation of your parish council website.

If you have any questions or would like a quote for your Parish Council website, please get in touch by contacting me via the contact page of this website or by email / phone:


Below I have provided some more details on the features available within my website design for parish councils.

Customise your Header

You can customise the look of your Parish Council website in various ways.  The most visually obvious customisation is via the website header area.  Here you can add pictures of your Parish, decide on the title font and include a logo if desired.  Some examples are demonstrated below:


How to create a parish council website

How to create a parish council website

How to create a parish council website

How to create a parish council website

Add Parish Council Meeting Dates and Other Events

You can easily add events to your website which will display in a summary area to the right of every page, and will also be automatically added to your calendar and upcoming parish events pages.

Local Council website design
Local Council website design
Websites for parish council
Websites for parish councils

Upload and Display your Council Minutes, Agendas, Finances and Other Documents

Uploading and displaying your Parish Council documents is easy and requires no special technical knowledge.  I provide step-by-step user manuals to guide  you through every administrative task you are likely to come across while using your Parish Council website, and I am on hand to give direct training when required.

create a parish council website

create a parish council website

Display information about your Parish Council Members

You can display information about your Parish Councillors in a clear and easy to view way, including their role on the Parish Council and individual contact details.

Building a parish council website

Contact the Parish Council online

A contact page can display email and phone contact details of the principle point of contact for the parish council (eg. the Clerk), plus a contact form can be embedded in the page and used to send an email directly from the website.

build a parish council website

Contact me for more information

If you are interested and would like more information about how I can design and build your Parish Council website, please contact me at or via the online contact form.  I would be happy to discuss your requirements and then send you a quote.