Below is a guide to the broad categories of websites we offer.

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You can look at our price guide page to get an idea of how much your website will cost. We will give you an exact quote once we have had a discussion and determined the exact requirements for your specific website.

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Simple Website

What is it?

  • One or two page website including contact details and social media links
  • Simple additional features can be included on a second page, such as a video or a contact form.
  • Does not include content-rich features such as blogs and portfolios.

What does it do?

  • Give you an online presence which showcases who you are.
  • Enhances your brand
  • Acts as a link to further information for those seeking more detail about you or your business.

Full Website

What is it?

  • More content than a Simple website
  • it can contain many features including:

    • blogs
    • portfolios
    • maps
    • video
    • contact forms
    • booking forms
    • site membership etc.

What does it do?

  • Provides a ‘home on the web’.
  • Enhances your brand
  • Allows you to showcase your work via image and video galleries
  • Enables you to interact with your audience/customers
  • Expands your target audience

E-Commerce Website

What is it?

  • similar to the Full website option above
  • addition of e-commerce capability

What does it do?

  • gives you a ‘shop-window’ on the internet
  • enables you to reach out to a wider market
  • provides a simple, easily accessible route for your customers to purchase your products.
  • complete solution for bookings and secure payments
  • makes selling products online safe, easy and efficient.

Parish Council Websites

Please contact me directly if you would like a quote for your Parish Council website. Contact details can be found on the contact page here