Curtis Website Design is a creative, friendly, professional web design company based in Bristol, UK, dedicated to helping you create a website to be proud of.

About Curtis Website Design

I set up Curtis Website Design with the aim of producing high-quality, stylish, easy-to-use websites at affordable prices.

I aim to help you create a strong internet presence and open up new opportunities. A well-judged, carefully crafted website can help your business to thrive, increase exposure to your target audience and become a hub for communication and information.

I make the process smooth and hassle-free, listen to what you want and provide helpful advice, and hope that you enjoy the experience of creating your new website as much as I do.

The websites I produce are high-quality in terms of design, coding-standards, stability and security. They have the functionality, feel and design to suit your needs.

My Approach

As a general guide to the website build process, at the beginning of a new website project I like to have a meeting with the client to talk about the requirements, discuss and exchange ideas. This can be done in person or via online video meetings (skype, google hangout) and using screen-sharing services.

This would lead to a job specification, a price quote and the signing of contract stating what is to be delivered, ensuring that the project details and objectives are clearly defined.

We typically have two or more meetings during the build process to confirm the design direction and ensure you are happy with the progress of the website.

This approach ensures the objectives are clear throughout, that we have regular communication and that we can design a website perfectly suited to your needs.